EFeCT Symposium 2019
Enriching young lives:
Therapeautic Steps Toward Healing the Hurt


The EFeCT Conference offers an opportunity for EfeCT members to network and exchange knowledge. The conference welcomes a host of delegates from a diverse range of disciplines including:

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There are three packages to choose from depending on your requirements. Please note that this event will be delivered in English.

Package 1: Recertification - EFeCT Members Only

14 - 16 May 2019 (3 days)

Package for those seeking LSCI Trainer Recertification. This is suitable for European trainers who do not yet meet the criteria for recertification for the period 2017-2020.

Three-day event package costs £240 - Price includes tea, coffee, lunches and symposium dinner on Wednesday 15th May. Please note that 500 euros for LSCI senior trainer recertification is to be paid separately.

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Package 2: Symposium and EFeCT Members’ Day - EFeCT Members Only

15-16 May (2 days)

Suitable for European LSCI trainers and EfeCT group members, this package offers access to both the symposium and members’ day. The symposium "Enriching Young Lives – Therapeutic Steps Toward Healing The Hurt" will gather international speakers to present the latest research on the following subjects:

Two-day event package costs £210 - Electric go-karting option included. Price includes tea, coffee, lunches and symposium dinner on Wednesday 15th May.

Symposium Schedule
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Package 3: Symposium Day - Open to All

15 May (1 day)

This event is suitable for a wide-audience group interested in improving the life chances of children and young people affected by trauma including:

One-day event package costs £149. The price includes tea, coffee and lunches.

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